About... here...

Greetings random internet traveller!

Are you well? How's the weather where you are? Seen any good TV programmes or films recently?

"What is this all about?" I hear you ask? Ah of course, straight to the point.

Yes, welcome to this tiny corner of the world wide web. My tiny corner of the world wide web. This blog (and any further associated site I subsequently put enough time and effort into making) is my own personal... digital journal, really.

One day I may talk about security-related things, the next may be about fitness. Maybe there will be some personal data-focused projects; other times, it may just be random views and opinions with little attribution back to solid evidence.

And then there'll probably be huge periods of inactivity... because I'm inconsistent like that.

But feel free to take a seat, buckle up, and come along on the journey of someone who probably shouldn't be trusted with their own blog.

Or don't... I can't force you to do anything.

Best wishes, kind regards, get well soon, seasons greetings etc. etc.